Mentoring Sessions


Editing Mentor Session $100

The editing mentor  session is for an hour editing lesson where you'll learn my whole post processing workflow from start to finish. 

Standard Mentoring Session $200

This package includes joining me on an hour shoot where you'll personal instruction and guidance from me on how I pose models or what I look for in lifestyle/landscape photos. You'll learn about composition, lighting and the settings I use on my camera to get my images. You can also opt for an hour editing session for the same price. 

Premium Mentoring Session $250

The title pretty much describes what the package is all about. Here, you'll get to spend two hours with ya boy shooting and editing. I'll go through the whole process from how I set up a shoot all the way to posting a photo on Instagram. You'll get an hour shooting instruction as well as an hour of editing with me. If you're 21+ some craft beers will most likely be involved.