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Portrait/Adventure Preset Pack 

My original Lightroom Pack that includes 12 of my most used presets! These are the classics and give you all of that moody goodness you have seen from my images. The majority my photos in my portfolio have came from one of these 12 presets. Each preset was designed with its own unique tone curve and color scheme for different moods and lighting conditions. They are made to be used for portraits or for landscapes! Below are a few photos that you can slide the presets over to see them in action (On the left is the before and right is after). NOTE: There are two sets of presets in the folder! One for LR 7.3 or higher and one for LR 7.2 or lower. Please follow the instructions included on how to install the presets correctly! If the sliders aren’t working just hit refresh to get them to work

Rick Holladay Lightroom Presets
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