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Portrait/Adventure Preset Pack 2

Debuting my second Lightroom Preset Pack that includes 10 New Presets I developed while traveling along the west coast this spring and summer. Switching camera systems and traveling to new parts of the country pushed me to get back into the lab and develop some new editing styles. If you have followed my work through the years you can see my style continue to change. While some of the presets are similar to my first pack I have been adding new hues and colors into these. You’ll notice more split toning and a few of the presets also have different graduated filters applied to them. I use these presets for both my portraits and landscapes. Some are meant to be one click presets while others will require a bit of tweaking based on how you expose, aperture, your cameras color science, etc. Below are some before and after examples of photos of mine with a few of the presets applied (On the left is the before and right is after). I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions! (If the Sliders aren’t working just hit refresh and they will work)

Rick Holladay Preset Pack 2
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