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Rick was a pleasure to work with. He’s professional, flexible and understood what our marketing goals were, as well as delivered beautiful and engaging content and photography for our campaign.
— Tia Troy (former Visit Wyoming PR Manager)
People have been complimenting my bathroom nonstop since Peter remodeled it three years ago. Everything’s still got that new sheen and the tilework is just awesome.
I’ve been hiring the Sweeneys since I first moved into my house over 70 years ago. They did my kitchen cabinets, fixed my drains, and even rewired the lights in my bedroom into a single switch! There’s nothing the Sweeney’s can’t do.


About Rick

Humble Beginnings

Born and raised in the plains of southeast Kansas, my grandfather used to take me to the river behind his house where we spent time fishing and learning about life. He was a simple, selfless man, whom taught me the value of hard work, determination and the importance of creating an impact for others.

Since opening my creative business in 2015 I have focused on making memories come to life. From people to products, I promise to ensure you or your brands story is told through an organic fashion.

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